2013 Canadian Masters Championships

Right of Entry

The Canadian Masters Championship shall be open to rowing clubs world wide as long as the club and their registered rowers and coxswains are in good standing with their national rowing federation.

Competitors are to row wearing their clubs colours, including when competing in composite boats.

Composite crews may be made up of any combination of athletes representing any combination of clubs without restriction.

A rower becomes eligible to compete as a Master in the year in which he/she reaches the age of 21 (this age restriction does not apply to coxswains). The following are the Masters age categories.

Categories Ages

21-26 years

A 27-35 years
B 36-42 years
C 43-49 years
D 50-54 years
E 55-59 years
F 60-64 years
G 65-69 years
H 70-74 years
I 75-79 years


80 + years

Age categories do not apply to coxswains. The crew average age shall be used to define the category it shall row in. Every Masters competitor must be able to provide proof of age by producing official documentation with photo upon request. Each competitor is responsible for his/her own health and fitness. Any member of Canada's National Team may not compete as a Master.


The Canadian Masters Championships will include the following events over a 1,000 metre course. Registration will open June 1st, 2013. Entry deadline will be August 14, 2013 at 11:59 pm EST. Registration will take place through RegattaCentral, please visit www.regattacentral.com. The Late Entry policy for this regatta will be posted June 1. The final list of events will be published on or before June 1 when entry registration is open on Regatta Central.

Age classes may be combined where entries do not warrant a separate race. In these instances, the Garrett-Zezza handicap system as outlined in the RCA Rules of Racing, shall apply.

Mens Events Womens Events
Single Sculls (M1x) Single Sculls (W1x)
Lightweight Single Sculls (LM1x) Lightweight Single Sculls (LW1x)
Double Sculls (M2x) Double Sculls (W2x)
Lightweight Double Sculls (LM2x) Lightweight Double Sculls (LW2x)
Quadruple Sculls (M4x) Quadruple Sculls (W4x)
Lightweight Quadruple Sculls (LM4x) Lightweight Quadruple Sculls (LW4x)
Pair (M2-) Pair (W2-)
Lightweight Pair (LM2-) Lightweight Pair (LW2-)
Four (M4-) Four (W4-)
Coxed Four (M4+) Coxed Four (W4+)
Lightweight Coxed Four (LM4+) Lightweight Coxed Four (LW4+)
Eight (M8+) Eight (W8+)

Mixed Events

Double Sculls (Mix2x)
Quadruple Sculls (Mix4x)
Coxed Four (Mix4+)
Eight (Mix8+)

Para Rowing Events

Men - Arm and Shoulders Only Single Sculls (ASM1x)
Women - Arms and Shoulders Only Single Sculls (ASw1x)
Trunk and Arms Mixed Double (TAMix2x)
Legs, Trunk, Arms Mixed Cox-Four (LTAMix4+)

Athlete Weight and Weigh-in

The weight and the weigh-in protocol for the lightweight events is as outlined in the RCA Rules of Racing.
The minimum weight for coxswains is 50 kg for women's events and 55 kg for men's events.

Racing Distance

The race will be held on a 1,000 meters, six lane, fully buoyed course.

Handicap System

If two entries are received in an event a race will be held for the two entries.
If insufficient entries are received to warrant races in any age category, a handicap system shall be applied to the end of the race that combines age classes.


Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be presented to the first, second, and third place finishers respectively, except that the last place finisher will not receive a medal. For example, if a race has only three entries, medals will be presented to the first and second place finishers.
Non-Canadian crews are eligible to receive medals and be declared Canadian Champions.






German senior men’s canoe polo team dedicates gold medal to fallen teammate

Sep 6th, 2018

Germany nearly won it all on the water after losing so much off of it. Only a 3-2 loss to Great Britain in the men's under-21 final prevented Germany from sweeping all four divisions at the 2018 International Canoe Federation Canoe Polo World Championships in Welland.


  • The 2013 Junior and U23 champs was the most wonderful experience for us in South Africa. Although our kayak community is relatively small, we are an intense group of loyal supporters. Following the build-up on your website as well as your Facebook and the photos on WIFC Facebook page was the highlight of my day. Not only mine but many of us shared links from early morning. Thanks for the effort and a huge congratulations on your achievement. The live streaming gave many of us goose bumps and the occasional lump in the throat. I checked many comments by parents all over the globe, don`t worry, we are all the same, from Japan, Canada, Africa. Thanks for sharing the wonderful experience. Today I could watch my son`s semi-final on Youtube, tonight we will watch it again and every day I will check Youtube for new uploads.
    Chris Van Den Bergh

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