Volunteer Positions

*Please note that position shifts may vary depending on the event.

Volunteer Position: Boat Holder

This individual will be responsible for holding the boats in place at the starting gates and following the direction of the aligning official at the beginning of each race.  Please note that this individual will be located on a floating dock.

Volunteer Position: Control Commission 

This individual will assist the officials with calling crews to the water, as well as handing out and collecting bow numbers. In addition, they will assist with checking shoes and athletes’ identification.

Volunteer Position: Dock Marshal

This individual will be directing boat traffic at the docks and collecting bow numbers.

Volunteer Position: Finish Assistant  

This individual will assist the timing officials with tracking crews as they cross the finish line and with printing results.

Volunteer Position: Official Boat Driver

This individual will drive officials in a boat during the race to ensure the race is in compliance to the racing standards set by the organization.

**Must have a pleasure craft operators certificate and must be able to follow direction as well as respond quickly.

Volunteer Position: Runner

This individual will be posting the results after races and passing information along between officials.

Volunteer Position: Post Season Venue Teardown  

This individual will be assisting with venue season closure and will include items such as course removal. 

Volunteer Position: Pre Season Venue Setup  

This individual will be assisting with venue preparations for the season, such as course installation. 

Volunteer Position: Safety Boat Driver

This individual will be responsible for assisting athletes when in need; transporting athletes on the water to the medical tent on land when the athlete is in need of medical attention.

**Must have a pleasure craft operators certificate and must be attentive and respond quickly

Volunteer Position: Start Assistant

This individual will assist the officials with the starting of the race and relay messages to the officials at the finish line.

Volunteer Position: Timing and Results Assistant   

This individual will assist with the timing and results of the race.

**Must be comfortable working with computers

Volunteer Position: Traffic Control Attendant 

This individual will assist with traffic flow and provide direction to vehicles arriving on-site.

Volunteer Position: Weigh- In Assistant 

This individual will provide assistance to officials with athlete weigh-in. This individual must feel comfortable checking athletes’ identification.

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German senior men’s canoe polo team dedicates gold medal to fallen teammate

Sep 6th, 2018

Germany nearly won it all on the water after losing so much off of it. Only a 3-2 loss to Great Britain in the men's under-21 final prevented Germany from sweeping all four divisions at the 2018 International Canoe Federation Canoe Polo World Championships in Welland.


  • The 2013 Junior and U23 champs was the most wonderful experience for us in South Africa. Although our kayak community is relatively small, we are an intense group of loyal supporters. Following the build-up on your website as well as your Facebook and the photos on WIFC Facebook page was the highlight of my day. Not only mine but many of us shared links from early morning. Thanks for the effort and a huge congratulations on your achievement. The live streaming gave many of us goose bumps and the occasional lump in the throat. I checked many comments by parents all over the globe, don`t worry, we are all the same, from Japan, Canada, Africa. Thanks for sharing the wonderful experience. Today I could watch my son`s semi-final on Youtube, tonight we will watch it again and every day I will check Youtube for new uploads.
    Chris Van Den Bergh

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