Productive Partnership with Eastdale Secondary School

Posted Jun 10th, 2014

Productive Partnership with Eastdale Secondary School

As the 2014 school year comes to a close, the Welland Recreational Canal Corporation (WRCC) would like to thank Eastdale Secondary School for a successful year of partnership with Mr. Brandon’s  manufacturing class.   

Grade 11s and 12s at Eastdale Secondary School fabricated picnic  tables and barricades as part of their curriculum and these items will be used at WIFC events throughout the spring, summer and fall  months. 

Eastdale Secondary School Manufacturing Teacher, David Brandon,  believes that “It was a great learning experience for all students  involved. Students learned about production work and how to build  jigs and fixtures to create parts and assemble the tables and  barriers.”    

The WRCC supplied the students with materials, while the students  were able to gain experience with many aspects of working in the  trade industry after graduation. With the guidance of their Manufacturing Teacher, the grade 12 students were able to take a leadership role in the project and organize and oversee the details.    

One of the students, George Binder stated that “working with the  Welland Recreational Canal Corporation has been a great learning  experience; I learned a lot of valuable hands-on skills through this  project, such as how to meet deadlines. I will be graduating next  year and plan on going into the trades, so it was great to get a taste  of what it will be like.”   

The students celebrated their successful completion of the project  with a pizza party, generously donated by Rose City Pizza. The  Welland Recreational Canal Corporation is very grateful and impressed with the work the Eastdale students  accomplished, and looks forward to working with Eastdale Secondary School in September.


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